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Cate A. Clark, LMT

Cate A, Clark, LMT 4607, New Mexico Licensed, ABMP and Nationally Certified, skilled professional, female massage therapist, with over 23 years experience in conscientious, ethical, education-based, client-centered practice, offers gentle, sensitive, intuitive and appropriately deep body work sessions in a warm, quiet environment.


"Every place I travel, Turkey, Nepal, Northern Europe, the States, I make sure I get massage. Seems ironic that throughout all my International travels, the very best massage is right here within minutes of my home. No one else gets into all the right places and does what you do." —J.S., Placitas, NM

 “Authentic and outside of the box!”
— E. P., Helena, Montana

“My time with you not only gave me physical relief, I felt restored.” S.V., Placitas, NM

“I am surprised at how deep you work without hurting me. ”— D.S., Placitas, NM

 “We have had lots of massage over the years and both feel that yours is one of the very best.” — JN and LB, Placitas, NM

“…experiencing back pain for several years…Cate worked very deep…4 weeks later, still no back pain!” — C.S., Rio Rancho

“…a focus on each person’s unique needs…open to feedback and sincerely wants the best for her clients. Cate is a professional, well trained, skilled and talented massage therapist. You wont’ find anyone better in Albuquerque.” —B.W., Placitas, NM

“…among the best…more than reasonable fees.” —L.K., Santa Fe, NM

“A stone massage with Cate is one of the most relaxing experiencing ever…genuinely therapeutic.” — J.C., Santa Fe, NM

“I've been to dozens of massage therapists and Cate is one of the very best! Her deep tissue work is very effective especially for neck and shoulder issues. She is caring, kind, professional, and very skilled. I highly recommend her massage therapy services.” —J.S., Placitas, NM

“Cate has been a blessing in my life with her amazing massage therapy. The combination of knowledge, experience, skill, awareness and compassion result in relaxation and healing for me every time I see her. She really is the best practitioner around and I highly recommend.” — E.K., Rio Rancho, NM

About Cate Clark

People ask me why I became a Massage Therapist. I received my first professional massage in 1991. Not only did it feel great, it made sense to me! I felt an instant fluency in the language of Massage. Boom! I was in school. In January 1992, I graduated basic massage training and began preparing for the National Certification tests. Later that year, I was licensed and practicing massage therapy in the State of New Mexico. I took a little side-trip and gig as a dental assistant for a few years in Helena, Montana before finally committing to Massage Therapy as a full time occupation in 1999.

My fluency with Massage Therapy has gone far and wide and back again. Over the years, I have taken a wide range of Continuing Ed classes and worked in a variety of settings. In 2005 I began to focus. My studies in CranioSacral progressed to deeper, more advanced levels. I completed courses through the John Upledger School, followed by regular participation in Upledger-based peer study group in Albuquerque, NM. CranioSacral comes from Osteopathy traditions and there are many schools of thought and myriad ways of application. Seeking a fresh perspective, I completed two courses with Etienne Piersman (Zen Cranio) through NMAHA in Santa Fe in 2012. No amount of training and mentor-ship will begin to answer all my questions about CranioSacral. This modality offers endless mystery with surprising, often unpredictable results.

I have attended several schools and taken several basic courses in Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy. In 2010, I received Certification (CMLDT) through Klose Training and Consulting.

Currently, my full time practice consists primarily of regular repeat clients. Some have standing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly appointments. I also welcome new clients. My practice is gender-inclusive and I accommodate people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.


Massage Therapy since 1991

I consider Continuing Education a very important part of being a good massage therapist. Throughout each two-year license renewal period, I accumulate over 70 hours of CEU, well beyond the 16 hours required by State of New Mexico.

Training has included Ten Thousand Waves mentorship program, New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, and Scherer Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Higher Knead Apprenticeship, Crystal Mountain, and New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Big Sky Somatic Institute in Helena, and Stone Spirits in Kalispell, Montana; as well as classes and courses through  Cross Country Seminars; Qi Revolution, Upledger Institute, and Klose Training & Consulting.

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River Stone



Since graduating from basic massage therapy training in January 1992, I have worked in a variety of public and private settings. The more I learn about bodywork and massage, the more my interest grows. With each new level, deeper inquiries bring heightened awareness for every nuance and increased appreciation for the depth of massage and bodywork. My own fascination for scope and potential of this work keeps me inspired to continue to cultivate and refine my knowledge and skills, and offer a signature massage style that is exceptionally gentle and deep.

Nationally Certified

Certified Member
Associated Bodywork and
Massage Professionals

New Mexico State Licensed
Massage Therapist #4607

Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist (Vodder)